Plane Weave. 2016

Solo exhibition at the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Art, Philadelphia, PA
April 20-August 7, 2016

Plane Weave. 2016
Punched aluminum and stainless steel rings.
h.120 in x w.169 in x d.36 in (304 x 429 x 92 cm)
Commissioned by the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Art
All photos by Barbara Katus

The title Plane Weave refers to the woven nature of its construction. In rethinking the idea of metal sculpture, I wanted to make something flexible and translucent instead of solid and heavy. "Plain weave" is the most basic woven design: over/under, but this sculpture is made up of connecting planes in the geometric sense. The planes start two dimensionally but become three dimensional as they respond to gravity, space, tension, weight and materiality. In addition, the work responds continuously to the changing natural light - at some times of day appearing to be very solid and opaque and at other times translucent and screen like. WEAVE-24-MORNING_v2.jpg WEAVE.jpg WEAVE-DETAIL-4.jpg