Imaginary Sculptures. 2014-15

Enamel on Steel. 20 variations.
(shown: "a sculpture that is thrown from a window", "a sculpture melting on the sidewalk",
"a sculpture that changes shape each night", "a sculpture that expands and contracts slowly",
"a sculpture buried underground", "a sculpture dispersed in air")
8 x 58" each (20.32 x 147.32 cm)
Edition of 3
Installation at Basel Parcours, Basel, Switzerland, 2015

Imaginary Sculptures use language to conjure both feasible and impossible forms in the mind of the viewer.
Given that every reader imagines something different, each phrase represents an infinite amount of possible forms.
At the crux of these works is the notion that every work of art exists in the imagination first and last—each beginning
in the mind of the artist and continuing on in the memory of the viewer.