The Shape of Space, 2004

Installation at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NY for the exhibition “The Shapes of Space”
curated by Ted Mann, Nat Trotman and Kevin Lotery with Nancy Spector
April 14 - September 5, 2007

Cut plastic Fresnel 
lens sheets and staples

175 x 456 x 96 in. (4.44 x 11.58 x 2.4 m)
All photos: Kristopher McKay
Collection of The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Space is embedded in and links all matter but what is space?
'The Shape of Space' is an experiment into the visualization
of space itself through sculpture. It attempts, in a human way,
to embody the possibility that space may be warped and folded
into many dimensions. The lenses project thousands of images of
the surroundings forward and back, and the sculpture as a whole
bends and focuses light, creating sensory disorientation. In addition,
time is more strongly perceived through the minute changes in light.